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The Challenge

Artificial insemination is an organisational challenge, especially for the patients. They consist not only of many appointments, but also of a daily intake of several medications. The documentation of various factors within a treatment is time-consuming and extraordinarily extensive.

Only a few treatments are capable of filling entire files. However, the most fatal problem so far has been the high error rate due to treatment plans misunderstood by patients. This is a very expensive and emotionally exhausting problem.

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performed artificial inseminations per year in Europe alone. According to the WHO, these result from only 10% of infertile couples worldwide.


children are born every year after artificial insemination in Europe.

Success Rate

Overview of treatment data

With each treatment, the probability of a positive pregnancy test increases.

Overview of menstrual cycle
Overview of menstrual cycle
Overview of notes
Hope App clinic integration Hope app cycle overview Hope app documentation Hope app actionsheet Hope app cycle screen
Hope app clinic integration Hope app cycle overview Hope app documentation Hope app actionsheet Hope app cycle screen

Simplified treatment

Clarification in the shortest time (<10min)
Digital treatment plan (+amnesis)
Documentation and analysis of side effects
Tracking and evaluating treatment results
Complete history of the female fertility (diagnostic findings, period tracking, pregnancy, lactation, menopause)

For clinics

  • More efficient initial meetings (clarification diagnosis, explanatory films & much more)
  • Billing via mobile payment (Apple pay etc.)
  • Clinic marketing through built-in CMS
  • Contract execution via eSignature
  • Quality management by direct feedback of the clinic, doctors and treatments by the patients
  • Fewer personnel and resources required

Visual Brand System

An expandable design system for all components of the app was developed. An appealing, clear and unambiguous form- and image-language supports the intuitive use of the Hope App.

Color scheme for hope appealing
Big icon from hope app Hope app icon set

The Outcome

Since 15.09.2021 the Hope App is the exclusive partner of the IVF software MedITEX of the company CrITEX GmbH. Through the merger, patients and clinics have a direct line to each other. Treatments are carried out in a more uncomplicated and individual way and patients as well as fertility clinics benefit from this cooperation.

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