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    Our Formula

    Increase your company value through digital experiences.

    modulr.design is an organic collective of passionate crafts(wo)men. We share a creative vision to please humankind with soulful experiences which benefit rising startups and big corporations.

    • Apps

      Mobile & Desktop Software, PWA, B2C & B2B, Finance, Transportation, News, Education, Entertainment, Productivity, Food, Games, Shopping, Social Networking, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Travel, Utilities, Medical

      Tools: Pen & Paper, Design Thinking & Software, InVision, Swift, Java, React Native, Firebase

    • Brandings

      Logo, Color Palette, Typography, Photography, Iconography, Styleguide, Motion, Corporate Website, Merchandising, Email Signature, Landing Page, Blog, Newsletter, Social Media, Business Card, Invoice, Letterhead

      Tools: Pen & Paper, Scissors, Tape, Printer, Hands, Brain, Creative Principles, Creative Suite

    • Challenges

      Design & Framework Systems, Non-Visual Experiences, Mental Health Products, VR & AR, B2B Desktop Software (specificly Health related), Government Administration (e.g. Police reporting), Game Design, Unsexy societal Problems

      Tools: Pen & Paper, Brain, Empathy, Motivation, Enthusiasm, Mind Maps, Sticky Notes, Sugar

    • Websites

      Business Website, Web-CV, OnePager, Microsite, Landingpage, Portfolio, Community, Shop, Blog

      Tools: Pen & Paper, UX Methods, Story Telling, Branding, Design Software, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Symfony, NodeJS, React, CraftCMS, Statamic CMS, Shopify, AWS

    •  - Founder & Designer
      Thomas Founder & Designer
    •  - Researcher
      Nadia Researcher
    •  - UX Strategist
      Nick UX Strategist
    •  - Visual Designer
      Thuy Visual Designer
    •  - UI Designer
      Alina UI Designer
    •  - Frontend Designer
      Merten Frontend Designer
    •  - Service Designer
      Astrid Service Designer
    •  - Software Developer
      Urs Software Developer
    •  - Interaction Designer
      Constantin Interaction Designer
    •  - Operations Manager
      Imke Operations Manager
    •  - Brand Designer
      Jonas Brand Designer
    •  - Social Media & PR Captain
      Jenny Social Media & PR Captain
    •  - Illustrator
      Liz & Lisa Illustrator
    •  - Frontend Developer
      Marko Frontend Developer
    •  - Frontend Developer
      Anna Frontend Developer
    • You? Apply now!
    empathyse → analyse → understand
    research → synthesize → focus
    ideate → evaluate → implement
    ship → track → scale
    art → voice → tone
    architecture, roadmap, dev, test, iteration
    e.g. KPI Definition, Measuring, A/B Testing, SEO, Content Strategy, Growth Hacking
    e.g. Front- & Backend Web/App Development, Copywriting, Photography, Illustration, Motion, Sound
    e.g. Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Information Architecture
    e.g. Discovery, User Research, Competitive Audit, Value Proposition, Positioning, Scenario & Service Design
    Bringing a revolutionary idea to live.
    #branding #logo #product #ui #ux #motion #prototyping #v2.0 #v3.0 #v4.0 #v5.0
    Finanz Informatik
    Comprehensive banking for everyone.
    #sparkasse #designsystem #ux #ui #multichannel #responsive
    To be announced
    Improving Mental Health by mobile therapy.
    #mentalhealth #selfawareness #coaching #mobile #3d #animation #deeplearning #ai
    Determining Pregnancy.
    #ovulationtracking #quickdataentry #ios #ui #ux #startup #health
    Rethinking how work gets done.
    #platform #redesign #dashboard #wizard #servicedesign #homepage #landingpages #iconset #illustration
    Forcing addictive competition.
    #designsystem #framework #cardclassics #crazy8 #ios

    We seek your talent

    Live up to your dreams.

    Wheater client or enduser – we are eager to extend our services to a wider audience. Even if your unicorn skill (e.g. iOS developer, 3D artist or data scientist) is not listed, we would still love to hear from you and find a way to collaborate in order to create epic s***.

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    modulr.design Große Rainstraße 31 22765 Hamburg Germany
    modulr.design team